Continental Dancers    2019-2020



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~Continental Dancers~

Concordia Ballroom

1129 LaCrosse Street




Occasional - Last Minute - Special Opportunities

When The Concordia Ballroom has some open dance floor evenings-

Pop Up Dances can provide you with additional time on the dance floor!


Keep your dancing habit active






For a Wonderful & Successful Season

for 2018-2019



See the new season - below

Dances: October - April - Third Friday

Plus an added "Get Started" Sept 20


Each month our evening includes:

Free Dance Lessons:  7:00 - 7:45 pm


Dance Time: 8:00 - 10:30 pm


Walk-Ins: Always Welcomed and Encouraged


 Cost: $10 per person for each dance

$5 per student for each dance


Annual Membership: $50 per person/ $100 per couple

members save $20 each with the membership.

(Save $30 if you sign-up Sept 20 !!!)

For the October- April series.

Sign up at the first dance or

see mail address on Contact Us page 








Questions or suggestions;

please let us know.



Phone: 507-643-6670







 Dance Schedule, Band, Lesson

For 2019-20 Season




Sept. 20, 2019       Recorded Selections                   Swing

An added "Thank You" dance for 2019


October 18, 2019               Larry Busch Band           Foxtrot



November 15, 2019            Jan and Cathy                Rumba  



December 20, 2019            Cheers Big Band              Waltz



January 17, 2020                Continental Recorded       Cha-Cha



February 21, 2020               Larry Busch Band            Tango



March 20, 2020                   Jan and Cathy   Country Two Step


April 17, 2020                      Cheers Big Band              Swing